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Corporate values

Success comes when the right components work together. This also applies to event organization. As pioneers in the field of IT and service solutions, we know exactly what you as a project manager or agency want for your trade fair or other event. And we have translated these wishes into three central levers for success that determine our work at XFAIR and which we consistently develop further.

Flexibility through competence:

In accordance with our slogan “flexibility through ability”, flexibility for us does not automatically mean unprincipled adaptability, but first and foremost the ability to act in a goal-oriented and successful manner in unclear situations, sometimes even in the shortest possible time. Flexibility also means being open to new perspectives and methods, and being able to respond flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. A constantly high willingness to change and mental agility overall are the cornerstones of our success story.

Loyalty is important to us:

Without loyalty, stable relationships are impossible. It is THE prerequisite for genuine friendships, but also for functioning employment relationships, partnerships and customer relations. Business is not based on “good faith” by chance. Loyal friends, colleagues, employees stand up for others, support them reliably, share common values and pursue common goals – often beyond the required minimum, sometimes even against their own interests.

We shape innovations:

Together we define the future for attendee and event management solutions. Meaningful and aligned with the needs of our customers. The interplay of experience, competence, curiosity and passion gives rise to fascinating new possibilities and thus establishes a new era in event IT. In our products, this becomes visible and tangible as a clear difference. This is how we turn event management into a great experience.

For us, digitalization means making life easier and more convenient with the help of digital formats. In doing so, one of the main tasks is to connect different formats and services in a meaningful and seamless way.

“As of today, we are innovative.” This alone will not work, because innovation cannot be prescribed. Innovation is an attitude, a mentality in the team that can only be developed over years.

Our success levers for event organization

As a full-service provider for all aspects of event organization, we combine numerous competencies in our company. Among others, XFAIR employs computer scientists, event and communication scientists or Microsoft-certified system integrators. But what makes XFAIR’s specialists particularly qualified is their wealth of experience from global event projects. And this experience is of particular benefit to you as a company.

Passion for innovation

Our XFAIR team is not only extremely experienced and highly qualified. They also burn for the trade fair and event industry. And it is precisely this inner fire that ensures creative and innovative solutions in event organization, which has made us the leading provider of software-supported trade fair and event communication over the years.

Flexibility in all areas

From competence and dedication comes the ability to master even unforeseen situations and conditions. And this is precisely where we see XFAIR’s strength. Because as a pioneer in the field of event organization, we do not only stand for standard services. We are extremely flexible and always consider all conceivable alternatives. This enables us to offer you even quick and unusual solutions so that you can achieve your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you!