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Vaccination center 2021

Like many vaccination centers in Germany, the vaccination center for the Kelheim district was completed by the specified deadline of 12-15-2020. We are very pleased that we were able to quickly and flexibly contribute to the fight against the pandemic with our solutions in this area as well.

The challenge

How to achieve optimal utilization of vaccination rooms for the most efficient throughput of vaccination patients with the simplest and clearest processes possible? Besides a simple and intuitive solution, this was the core requirement.

The solution

First, all vaccination rooms were equipped with iPads and fixed with the help of special wall mounting kits designed by XFAIR. Furthermore, additional iPads were installed at the reception desk using special iPad table stands with anti-theft devices. Another component was the “EMS.SeatingPlanner” APP developed by XFAIR for easy switching from “room free” < — > “room occupied” which was installed on each of the iPads. Within the APP, all rooms were now configured and graphically arranged centrally via the admin system in our “EMS” software.

Our services:

  • General project management with elaboration of the exact requirements
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of all technically required hardware equipment (iPads, wall mounting kits, table stands, …)
  • Installation and configuration of the “EMS.SeatingPlanner” APP on all end devices
  • Training and instruction of the staff at the vaccination center and handover of the system to the customer

The result

Durch die visuelle Darstellung der Räume in der APP kann der jeweilige Impfraum durch einfaches Antippen innerhalb der APP grün bzw. rot markiert werden. Gleichermaßen ist der Status am Empfang in Real-Time einsehbar womit ein sehr effizienter Personen-Durchfluss erreicht werden konnte. Auch mit diesem Projekt zeigt XFAIR erneut seine hohe Flexibilität und Kompetenz und lieferte wie gewünscht eine schnelle und unkomplizierte Lösung.

Our solutions create flexibility.

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