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Online Registration

Handling names and address data in connection with a trade show or event requires skill and system. And this already applies to data collection. On the one hand, the data must be channeled correctly while maintaining an overview of the control of the event. On the other hand, careful attention must be paid to the correct handling in terms of data protection.

Online registration with EMS is simple and secure

With XFAIR’s web-based registration portal, participants can register worldwide for any type of event – be it a trade fair, congress, roadshow, sales or corporate event. This is part of the event management software EMS. With online registration, we collect all the necessary participant data for you and provide it to you in a structured manner. The registration is done via internet, tablet or smartphone. The user interface is extremely user-friendly and multilingual. The participant hotline, which we set up in parallel with online registration and which is available 24/7, is also multilingual.

However, our registration portal is not only of great benefit to the participants, but also to you as the project manager or agency. Because you get a real-time reporting of the registrations for your use. Furthermore, the data management is set up with a multi-event logic. This means that the data is also used advantageously with regard to future events. In the process of online registration, the data collected is handled responsibly and securely.

If you would like to know more about XFAIR’s web-based registration portal, please feel free to contact us.

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Companies want a large number of guests at trade fairs, congresses, events and other major events. However, the larger the number of participants, the higher the demands on invitation management. From the design of the content to data handling and translation into the desired national languages, a wide variety of aspects must be taken into account.


After the invitation and registration of participants for a major event, a well-functioning participant support is required. After all, there are always questions or requests that need to be answered around the clock and to their complete satisfaction. In addition, there is a multitude of other organizational necessities, such as issuing visitor passes, ticketing or setting up shuttle services.


At trade shows, congresses and other events, the generation of leads – i.e. successful contacts with people in the target group (e.g. potential customers) – is considered a key success factor. Accordingly, it is important to record and measure leads. The basic prerequisite for this is optimally functioning lead management, to which visitor registration is connected and which evaluates every qualitative contact.


The many visitors to an event naturally also require a corresponding contingent of accommodation. At times of a trade fair, congress or other event, accommodation can be scarce and expensive. All the better if a well-functioning hotel management can prevent this.