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Booth Management Systems

The success of a trade show or event depends to a large extent on the quality of visitor contacts on site. For this reason, trade show participants should be able to find the right contact person at the booth quickly and easily. The optimal framework for this is provided by efficient booth management systems for the coordination of trade show staff.

Optimal booth management systems with EMS from XFAIR

The Event Management Software EMS offers the possibility to develop and use booth management systems perfectly tailored to your needs. This is an information and coordination tool with which you can guide your trade fair booth visitors quickly and effectively to the right contact person on site. The booking of a free meeting room and the ordering of drinks can be done at the same time. For employee management, a simple check-in and check-out process is possible via smartphone or badge. Visitor registration and leader capture also run simultaneously and fully automatically. In addition, individual customer access solutions are made possible by EMS.

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Part of the EMS-based booth management systems is the check-in app. With it, your booth staff can check in and out via smartphone. In this way, your help desk staff (e.g. at the information desk) can see at any time which contact person is currently present. In addition, absence duration and planned return time can be specified.

We also offer the check-in function as a terminal variant at the information desk. Here, your trade show booth staff can easily check in and out using an RFID name tag.


Another feature you can access as part of XFAIR’s booth management systems is our Meeting Room Info app. This tool can be accessed, for example, on tablets placed next to the door of meeting rooms. This gives your employees an overview at any time of which meetings are taking place at a trade fair, when and with whom.


At trade shows, congresses and other events, the generation of leads – i.e. successful contacts with people in the target group (e.g. potential customers) – is considered a key success factor. Accordingly, it is important to record and measure leads. The basic prerequisite for this is optimally functioning lead management, to which visitor registration is connected and which evaluates every qualitative contact.


When trade show visitors want to find out about a participating company, accompanying advertising and information materials play a major role in addition to on-site discussions. With the right store system, sales management of merchandise and promotional gifts is very simple.


To ensure that visitors to a trade show booth feel comfortable, adequate supplies of food and beverages must be provided. It is important to keep an eye on the selection, quantity, availability and logistics. Functioning catering systems thus also make their contribution to the success of a trade show or other event.


Visitors to trade shows are extremely demanding due to the large number of exhibitors. Companies must therefore ensure that they leave nothing to chance when it comes to their trade show presence. This also and especially applies to the use of state-of-the-art presentation and communication technologies.


Human interaction is what makes a trade show or event a real success. In addition to the technical project managers who explain products and services at the booth, for example, the event staff is also crucial. From the information desk to catering and promotion, a large number of helpers are deployed who should have a whole range of skills and qualifications.